ARC Review: More Than Shipmates by Philippa Young

ARC Review: More Than Shipmates by Philippa Young


Eliza wanting to escape how her life is not going the way she would like it to. From multiple rejections to drama school, feeling like she fits in nowhere while lonely and single. She sets off to work on a cruise ship with a new perspective in mind. Little does she know that all her dreams will come true.

I love when books have playlists! First, the message at the beginning of the book had my laughing my ass off!😂 I definitely highlighted a lot of parts in this book.

Tom and Eliza’s friendship was beautiful to read about and I wish I could have watched their performance for the talent show.

The sexy party games turned up all the heat while reading this book.🔥🔥 I wanted to join in on the fun! Definitely gave me some ideas for party games. So many different times I laughed while reading this book.

Romantic comedies has always been my top favorite to read and this book was perfect to start the Summer break with! Finally finding out who had Eliza’s badge threw me for a loop! I also can’t wait to read the second book about Tom!


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