ARC Review: Night Shade by Melissa Cummins

ARC Review: Night Shade by Melissa Cummins


“Hey, I know you barely know us, but we’re vampires, and we’d love it if you could spend the rest of eternity with us. What do you think?”

Now that’s how you start a book! 🌶️ scene in the first sentence caught my attention off bat. I had to place my iPad down and get more comfortable in bed for the fun ride.

⚠️CW: Please check the warnings as the book may not be suitable for all readers. As always, protect your mental health.💛

✨Fantasy/ Vampires
✨Possessive MC
✨Friends to lovers

Daniella suggested for Luke and his family to start a business together. When they did, she ended up working there as well.

As four years have passed by. Daniella has been in love with not only her close friend but also her boss, Gregori but she does not tell him her feelings. Afraid it will hinder their friendship. We later learn there are things planned in the stars for them.

To get her needs met. She ends up hooking up with Alexander but we later learn who he is.

On a mission to stop the war, Greg, the leader of the Novak Clan must tell Daniella the truth.

This book was so fast-paced, I finished it in a couple of hours and can’t wait for the next book! I need to read Luke’s and Johanna’s story. So glad to find out that information at the end. I was curious as to what was wrong with Luke.


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