ARC Review: Signed For You by J.R. Dust

ARC Review: Signed For You by J.R. Dust


🐍Crow, Victor, Crow, Victor. I want them both!🔥 Secrets, lies, being marked, 2 sexy protective men. You will want to read this roller coaster of a book!🎢

The way that book ended, I don’t know what to think!🤯 Who was the other man? Some many twists and turns I could not put the book down!

Charlie is 18 and she wants to study to be a publisher as she loves romance books, especially dark romances. With a father taking over the Dark Cobras and tension happening. He wants to merge with another group and marry her off to the president’s son, Victor.

Crow who is 22, is her bodyguard, best friend, and also part of the cobras as well. But we learn a lot of interesting things about him.

Victor, there is more than meets the eye. He’s a beta and ARC reader besides being the president’s son.

Liam is straight trash🗑️. Just throw him away lol. He gets out of prison after being in for 10 years and he’s still up to no good.

Does Victor or Crow get the girl? Is Charlie married off? What happened to Charlie’s brother? To find the answers to these questions, you have to grab the book!

A fave quote:
“Do it again, but don’t be sorry this time”
-yes🔥🔥! I wanted that to happen so bad!


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