DTF pressing transfers instructions

Thank you for your purchase of DTF Transfers from Sidekick Styles LLC. Here are some instructions for your DTF Transfer. 

Pressing Instructions:  

  1. Use a lint roller to remove any lint on the t-shirt’s press area
  2. Pre-press the garment for 5-7 seconds to remove moisture 
  3. Play the design on the garment and press according to “press instructions” below. You may need to do a few test prints to find the optimal press settings for your specific equipment and environment.
  4. After pressing, lay the garment flat and aside until the print is cool to the touch. Peel the film from one corner to one consistent motion.
  5. Post-press the garment for five seconds.

*NOTE*: When pressing, using a Felton sheet between the press and the design produces the best results. 

Pressing Settings: 



  1. Actual press settings may differ due to equipment used and environmental conditions such as room temperature and humidity. 
  2. Press at medium to high pressure.



100% cotton/ 50/50 blends: start at 310F for 15 seconds and adjust to 325F as necessary 

Nylons/ Neoprene: 280F for 15 medium to high pressure 


Care instructions:


Wash garment with warm water

Tumble dry at “delicate” setting

Do not iron design directly. If necessary, iron at a low setting on the inner side of the garment. 

Feel free to contact me at sidekickstyles.cs@gmail.com or text 619-871-5749 if you have any questions and inquiries

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